The Vision

The Urgency


There are over 101,000 people that live in Daviess County, but only about 10,000-12,000 attend church.

This means over 90,000 people in Daviess County didn’t go to church anywhere last Sunday, many of whom are lost without Christ. In a world that has lost stability, we believe people’s hearts are longing for community and truth. The harvest is plentiful, but if people begin coming to Christ, we don’t have room for them here.

The Vision

To create spaces for people to hear the Gospel and experience the love of Jesus in safe, welcoming, and hospitable environments.

We will create excellent children’s ministry environments that will be fully accessible to children with special needs so that children from every background will be able to experience the love of Jesus and grow deeper into discipleship.

We will build more classrooms and a larger worship space so that our facility will become an important asset in the work of discipleship rather than a limitation.


The Opportunity

God seems to be doing new work, and there is a renewed sense of energy and excitement.

Our Staff has never been healthier and more aligned on a mission.

Our congregation is engaged in serving and using their gifts like never before.

It is time to invest in our physical facilities to reach the next generation more effectively. While the church is not the building, the building is a tool that allows us to reach people more effectively for the Gospel. We’ve been talking about it for years but have always felt like God said, “Wait.” But we now believe God is saying, "The time is now." It's time to build and make preparations and space for the people God will send through our doors.

Throughout the 2-year NEXT initiative, Pleasant Valley will:


  • We will expand our building and repurpose our existing space to create a safe, welcoming, and hospitable base camp for the people we believe God will continue to send us.
  • We want to build a place of unwavering truth in a fallen, compromising world.
  • We want to build a place that will serve as a lighthouse in a dark, scary world.
  • We want to build a place of community in a world where people are more lonely than ever.


  • We are going to invest in deep discipleship for our kids, families, and community.
  • We want to lay the groundwork for our kids and their kids to love and serve Jesus for generations.
  • We want to leave a legacy.
  • We want to leave the next generation of leaders a safe, fully-equipped, spacious, accommodating place that is completely paid for.


  • Our vision is for PVCC to be a launching pad for ministry across our city and worldwide, so the final component of NEXT is to Multiply.
  • To fully saturate our city and the world with the Gospel, we have to be a church that makes disciples who make disciples.
  • In the next 15 years, we want to see over 100 discipleship groups multiplying all over our city.
  • We’re asking God to help us multiply by planting three new churches.
  • We want to multiply by sending out five new missionaries all over the world.
  • We believe God wants to start a movement and that the time is now to see the Gospel multiply like never before to the ends of the earth.